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Training resources

Fraud awareness refresher training should be received at least every three years.  

Any new staff should receive fraud training as soon as practically possible. Although we do not run a formal induction a number of fraud awareness sessions are provided throughout the year. All sessions are free and can be tailored dependent on the audience. In addition, the LCFS can also provide sessions to GP practices or at team meetings on request if there are sufficient numbers of attendees. The presentation takes about twenty minutes so can be easily slotted in as an agenda item as part of a team meeting. If you would like to book a session please telephone or email the LCFS to arrange a convenient time.

Fraud Presentation

The LCFS has also developed an E-Learning Tool (however this is currently being revised). The aim of this is that it can be completed by staff at their own desk and in advance of any formal training session but this acts only as an intermediate learning aid and should not be seen as a replacement for attending the formal training session. It is emphasised that all staff should still attend a formal training session at least every three years. Staff who complete the E-Learning Tool can apply to the LCFS for a certificate of completion which can be included in their staff personnel file.

E Learning Tool (please click read only)