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   Reporting a fraud

Know how to report it.

If you suspect that a fraud is being committed it is most important that it is reported. In the first instances this must be to the LCFS. If you are unsure as to whether the circumstances of your concern is fraud or not, this is not a problem, the LCFS can be contacted and they will provide advice.

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Anti Fraud Specialist
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When reporting a fraud this can be made directly or anonymously, however, it is very important that as much information as possible about the matter is provided to the LCFS otherwise it may not be possible to investigate the matter.

To assist with ensuring that you include relevant information the attached fraud referral form should be completed, however the LCFS will also accept fraud referrals by telephone or by email.

Fraud Referral Form

Alternatively, if you do not wish to report your concern to the LCFS directly, a fraud referral can be made using the National Fraud and Corruption Reporting Hotline.