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 Role and accountability

Each of the 22 practices across RBCCG has a Lead Commissioning GP who represents the practice at a RBCCG Advisory Forum (Practice Managers deputise where necessary). RBCCG Advisory Forum provides an opportunity for ongoing feedback and development.

RBCCG Governing Body GPs are responsible for 3 – 4 practices referred to as ‘Zoning’. ‘Zoning Visits’ occur on a quarterly basis whereby Governing Body GPs engage their ‘Zoning’ practices in Peer Review type activity and acts as an opportunity for practices to raise any service issues. Core commissioning messages are produced by the commissioning support team along with practice level data to reflect practice specific issues. This may include focus on issues such as avoidance of unnecessary hospital admissions, methods by which practices can facilitate early hospital discharges, validation of prescribing behaviour (taking into account the recommendations from the RBCCG Pharmacy Subgroup) and awareness raising of potential service and pathway redesign/policy updates etc.

RBCCG has an RBCCG Performance Dashboard which acts as a central portal for information and has been developed in partnership with constituent practices.