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Urgent Care - Out of Hospital



The Out of Hospital project team has focused on education and training to staff in Care Homes, to deliver modules that increase the confidence and competence of carers when recognising and dealing with the signs of a deteriorating patient with a view to reducing unnecessary hospital admissions.

Health Education England funded the programme, for an overview of the programme visit the Health Education England website

Programme Objectives 

To reduce A&E admissions by:

  • Increased confidence and competence in recognising the signs of a deteriorating patient
  • Greater knowledge and skill set in helping their patients/resident stay well
  • Being fully supported by on-going training packages, via literature and support materials in paper and digital formats.

These objectives will be achieved by the delivery of an education/training programme.


  • Number of Worcestershire staff that attended Care Home Training - 535
  • Total number of completed training sessions - 55
  • Number of care homes attended training sessions - 81 

Education/training programmes

The training commenced in January 2016 and will be complete in June 2016 and consists of two modules:

1.’Essentials to Care’ (E2C) - aimed at Residential Homes Support Workers 

(covers nutrition, hydration, infection prevention & control, catheter care & skin integrity)

2. ‘Recognising the Signs of the Deteriorating Patient’ (RSDP) - aimed at Nursing Homes - Registered Nurses and Senior Health Care Assistants

(understanding early indicators of deteriorating health, observe, record and clearly relay to other health professionals)

For full access to all the training materials please visit the West Midlands Learning website

Participants and their feedback

"The information was very useful and important to my role. I will try to use the SBAR in my working practice. Train staff to look at information available instead of rushing to place a telephone call."
Participants for RSDP

"I will check colour of urine regularly and wash hands after every action. I will ensure all residents in my care are well hydrated. I know how to spot and look out for early warning signs for infection."
Participants for E2C