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FOI responses - continuing healthcare

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Continuing Healthcare

 TitleCreatedDownloadAdd To Basket
application/pdf2327 CHC Assessments (220KB)12/09/2014DownloadAdd
application/pdf2327 attachment (187KB)12/09/2014DownloadAdd
application/pdf2112 Continuing NHS healthcare funding (180KB)01/08/2014DownloadAdd
application/pdf04457 - D4X0X3 - RBFast Track CHC application (169KB)14/10/2019DownloadAdd
application/pdf04457 - D4X0X3 - RB Fast Track CHC application (169KB)14/10/2019DownloadAdd
application/pdf04424 - W7F1Y3 - Redditch and Bromsgrove (215KB)14/10/2019DownloadAdd
application/pdf04375 - R4N4L1 - RB (131KB)14/10/2019DownloadAdd
application/pdf04371 - S8P6M2 - RB CHC Fast track packages (232KB)14/10/2019DownloadAdd
application/pdf04203 - X4M4D5 - RB NHS CHC in your CCG area (81KB)14/10/2019DownloadAdd
application/pdf04033 - G2G0H1 - RB CHC assessments (135KB)14/10/2019DownloadAdd
application/pdf03939 - B1W0B6 - RB Care navigation services in CCGs (136KB)14/10/2019DownloadAdd
application/pdf03925 - Z1D8T7 - RB CHC appeals 1.1.15-30.9.18 (178KB)14/10/2019DownloadAdd
application/pdf03877 - V8N9B3 - RB CHC complex adult care packages (136KB)14/10/2019DownloadAdd
application/pdf03839 - F4K0B1 - RB CHC and PHB patients and spend 2016-2018 (166KB)14/10/2019DownloadAdd
application/pdf03839 - F4K0B1 - RB attachment (177KB)14/10/2019DownloadAdd
application/pdf03838 - D8D5M1 - RB CCG spend on PHBs in the last 3 months (137KB)14/10/2019DownloadAdd
application/pdf03811 - Z2W1L5 - RB IT system(s) in use for Continuing Healthcare (CHC) (82KB)14/10/2019DownloadAdd
application/pdf03742 - Y0M3P0 - RB CHC fast track applications (133KB)14/10/2019DownloadAdd
application/pdf03692 - Q2X2V3 - RB NHS Continuing Healthcare 2017-18 (142KB)14/10/2019DownloadAdd
application/pdf03440 - CHC process information (141KB)14/12/2018DownloadAdd
application/pdf03385 - Continuing care funding (134KB)14/12/2018DownloadAdd
application/pdf03356 - CHC packages in place between 2017-18 (124KB)14/12/2018DownloadAdd
application/pdf03336 - Health budgets (125KB)14/12/2018DownloadAdd
application/pdf03311 - Children's continuing care (135KB)14/12/2018DownloadAdd