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FOI responses - finance

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image/pngSevere Mental Health 14.10.19 (21KB)14/10/2019DownloadAdd
application/pdf2484 Mental health spend (228KB)12/09/2014DownloadAdd
application/pdf2438 Expenditure for services tendered (182KB)12/09/2014DownloadAdd
application/pdf2426 Funding for CAMHS (181KB)12/09/2014DownloadAdd
application/pdf2255 Expenditure on legal fees (6KB)01/08/2014DownloadAdd
application/pdf2240 Expenditure on legal fees (175KB)01/08/2014DownloadAdd
application/pdf2046 Consultancy Spend (174KB)01/08/2014DownloadAdd
application/pdf1997 Cost of procurement (175KB)01/08/2014DownloadAdd
application/pdf1703 Spend on consultants - advisers (167KB)01/08/2014DownloadAdd
application/pdf04430 - R9T4B8 - RB Expenditure over £25k March 19 -May 19 (131KB)14/10/2019DownloadAdd
application/pdf04182 - N4S8V8 - RB Expenditure with suppliers (167KB)14/10/2019DownloadAdd
application/pdf04081 - R3C7H8 - RB Staff lease cars funded by CCG (133KB)14/10/2019DownloadAdd
application/pdf04072 - N4J0V2 - RB spend on disabled children services (178KB)14/10/2019DownloadAdd
application/pdf04068 - F6N9W1 - RB Interpreting costs (170KB)14/10/2019DownloadAdd
application/pdf03991 - H5T9S9 - RB Better care funds (180KB)14/10/2019DownloadAdd
application/pdf03967 - Z1Z7N2 - RB UTC service (123KB)14/10/2019DownloadAdd
application/pdf03947 - H4G9Q4 - RB Expenditure (133KB)14/10/2019DownloadAdd
application/pdf03847 - Z6Q8Z1 - RB System Spend (130KB)14/10/2019DownloadAdd
application/pdf03847 - Z6Q8Z1 - RB Attachment (218KB)14/10/2019DownloadAdd
application/pdf03841 - X8K8D6 - RB Total organisational spend (167KB)14/10/2019DownloadAdd
application/pdf03841 - X8K8D6 - RB Attachment (187KB)14/10/2019DownloadAdd
application/pdf03831 - P1V8G0 - RB IT Spend (129KB)14/10/2019DownloadAdd
application/pdf03831 - P1V8G0 - RB Attachment (133KB)14/10/2019DownloadAdd
application/pdf03578 - Number of EEGs (133KB)14/12/2018DownloadAdd
application/pdf03578 - Attachment (5.92MB)14/12/2018DownloadAdd
application/pdf03414 - Total attributable budget for weight management services (137KB)14/12/2018DownloadAdd
application/pdf03370 - Salary over payments (84KB)14/12/2018DownloadAdd
application/pdf03370 - Attachment (24KB)14/12/2018DownloadAdd
application/pdf03368 - Expenditure over £25k (132KB)14/12/2018DownloadAdd
application/pdf03264 - Total spend on dressings and bandages (132KB)14/12/2018DownloadAdd
application/pdf03227 - Payments made to Primary Healthcare (81KB)14/12/2018DownloadAdd