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The important decisions that affect patients will be made by us, providing quality care that is tailored to meet the specific needs of local people and local communities.

Informing and engaging the public and stakeholders in our work will be fundamental to our success. The challenge will be to communicate and interact with a wide range of audiences, ensuring we get the messages right for our different audiences and communicate using the right platforms. We have produced a Communications and engagement Strategy rooted in Patient and Public Involvement. Our strategy is very much a two-way process of educating, informing, sharing, listening and responding.

Central to our approach will be to establish RBCCG as the ‘the public voice’ on local healthcare services, seeking support and feedback from local people so they feel included and can ‘have their say,’ as well as building their trust in what we decide.  Our messaging will explain who takes the decisions and how, be open about challenging or sensitive issues and how they are handled. Equally, it must be realistic in managing expectations on maintaining high quality and affordable services.  

  Current activity 


  Our engagement cycle

We will be applying ‘The Engagement Cycle’ by InHealth Associates as part of our commissioning and engagement cycle. Using this model and applying the methods of engagement set out above, we will ensure engagement with patients and public is undertaken at all stages of the commissioning process.

Engagement Cycle

  Need information in an alternative format?

We want to make it as easy as possible for people to get involved in our work and find out more about local health services.
If you need information in an alternative format or language please let us know by contacting the communications and engagement team via the Contact Us section on this website.