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 Patient and public involvement 

  Our aim is: 

‘ To maintain an engagement and involvement framework that ensures all local citizens have the opportunity to contribute to decision making and maximise opportunities to build local ownership of health services.’

  Our key functions and priorities are 

  • Build communications and engagement into the commissioning process and ensure that all commissioned schemes have been developed considering patient and stakeholder feedback.
  • Proactively work with partners inside and outside of the health economy to achieve joined up engagement, messages and campaigns.
  • Work with the RBCCG management team to influence an organisational culture that involves patients and the public at all levels of decision making and facilitates a customer and marketing orientation.
  • Assist the organisation to develop a real understanding of the local population and significant ideas and opinions amongst communities.
  • Develop processes, infrastructure and capacity to deliver effective engagement function.
  • Ensure that all engagement is accessible and take into account the varying needs of different groups of the local population.Support the planning and delivery of campaigns and initiatives.
  • Provide and promote a professional, empathic and efficient Patient Relations Service (complaints). Work in partnership with Healthwatch to ensure the signposting role of the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) is maximised.

Our patient and public engagement officer will lead engagement with the people of Redditch and Bromsgrove and provide clear guidance to partner organisations, GPs, CCG staff and other stakeholders.

Patient and public engagement considerations will play an important role in all our operational management decisions. Campaigns and engagement activity will be developed based on demographic and epidemiological information, as well as being managed strategically with a clear link to our business plans.

We will work proactively with partners inside and outside of the health economy to ensure that activity is integrated with joined up messages where possible and incorporating existing and established communications and involvement channels. All our engagement campaigns and projects will be developed using a standard template, which will include an assessment of risks, key messages and measurements.