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Joint Services Review

The Joint Services Review (JSR) is a strategic, system-wide approach to fundamentally reviewing the options for securing a high quality, financially sustainable provider environment across Worcestershire.  The JSR is considering the following specialty areas:

Emergency Care

Planned Care

Women & Children’s Services

Elderly Care

The results of the JSR will not be known until later in the year and therefore our focus in the coming year is on participating in the review to the fullest extent and we will outline our response to the major issues in next year’s RBCCG Integrated Plan.  However, right now we have a clear understanding of what we want the JSR to achieve for our community and patients.  Our ambitions include:

  • to achieve sustainable, high quality services that are as close to home as possible;
  • to involve local patients and key stakeholders as early on in the JSR process as possible to secure a firm understanding of the rationale underpinning the need for any change;
  • to use the opportunity to expand and enhance the quality and range of services available to people within their own homes;
  • to address any gaps in community services provision to ensure that care can be safely and effectively carried out within people’s own homes;
  • to promote a culture by which people are primarily managed within their own homes unless it is absolutely necessary for a hospital admission;
  • to ensure that Redditch and Bromsgrove residents have access to services within reasonable travelling times;
  • to improve access for patients in need of urgent care;
  • to improve local access to diagnostics and outpatient facilities;
  • to promote a culture of preventative medicine.

RBCCG recognises that change is an inevitability, however, the JSR is viewed as an opportunity to maintain and improve quality and patient safety in a bid to secure a high quality and sustainable local healthcare system.

For further information on the JSR click here www.worcestershirehealth.nhs.uk/joint-services-review.aspx