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       Or you can call the Redditch Contact Centre - 01527 534123

  • For an A-Z Directory of Bromsgrove District Council Services visit: http://www.bromsgrove.gov.uk/

       Or you can call the Bromsgrove Contact Centre - 01527 881288


The Worcestershire HUB can be contacted on 01905 765765


The Worcestershire Healthy Lifestyles Hub can be contacted on 01905 363909                                

If you are thinking about adopting a healthier lifestyle, then the Worcestershire Healthy Lifestyles Hub is there to help. The service is a 'one stop shop', for all information about lifestyle referral services currently available in Worcestershire.  These include:

Stop Smoking

Health Trainers

Weight Management

Chlamydia Screening

There is also further information available about local drug and alcohol services, specialist sexual health services, and physical activity and exercise.  Advisors are available to speak to from  Mon - Fri 8am - 8pm, and Sat 9pm - 5pm. Contact made outside of these hours will go to a voicemail and call-back service. 



The LifeCheck tool has now been merged into a single user-friendly tool, which now covers all age groups for a quick online health assessment.

The new tool is very user-friendly and concise. At the start of the assessment, you just enter your gender and age, and the tool will generate questions and advice based on the answers provided about your health and lifestyle.  It's not a lengthy health assessment, which frees up more time for you to look into the tips and guidance on how to improve your health.  You can even print off your results, so you keep a record as you make small changes towards a healthier lifestyle! Click here for the NHS Life Check tool.


Choosing your support, your way.  Carewise is a free listing of services and activities to support the care needs and general wellbeing of the people of Worcestershire.  Anyone wishing to access this information is free to use the system directly or approach any local information and advice service (such as the Access Centre, Hub or DIAL) who will be able to use the system when responding to your query. Visit: http://search3.openobjects.com/kb5/worcestershire/directory/home.page

NHS Choices site
Information on illnesses and conditions, treatments, local services and healthy living.

Mental Health
Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust has developed a programme around Recovery called the Big Recovery.       http://www.hacw.nhs.uk/our-services/big-recovery.aspx

Worcestershire DIAL

To view a 'guide to services' click here

Worcestershire DIAL can also be contacted on 01562 60241 

AAA Screening Information 

The AAA Screening Programme is based at Worcester Royal Hospital and automatically invites all men in Herefordshire and Worcestershire, who are registered with a GP, for aneurysm screening in their 65th year. We screen at a variety of community based locations, including many GP surgeries. 

Marie Curie 

Supporting people living with any terminal illness, and their families. We offer expert care, guidance and support to help them get the most from the time they have left.