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What can the money be spent on?


Everyone with a personal health budget can get support to think though how they would like to use their budget to meet their health and wellbeing needs. The local NHS team can give advice on this, and signpost to a range of organisations who can help draw a care plan together.

A personal health budget can be spent on any care or service that is set out in the patients care plan. For example:

  • A personal assistant/carer
  • Services from a care provider or support organisation
  • Equipment to help independent living
  • Activities to keep an individual fit and healthy
  • Transport

There are a few things a personal health budget cannot be spent on. These are things that it would not be right for the Government to fund like alcohol, tobacco, gambling or debt repayment, or anything that is illegal.

A personal health budget cannot be used to buy emergency care - for example if an individual breaks their leg, they would not use or receive a personal health budget to arrange for it to be x-rayed, set or plastered. Also personal health budgets can't be used to buy the services that a GP already provides, for instance seeing a doctor to discuss your health or get a prescription.